October 7, 2015

9 trees with the best fall colors

Fall has come to Columbus, bringing shorter days, cooler temperatures, and brighter landscapes. For those of us lucky enough to watch their transformation up close, the dazzling, changing colors of the trees are a true delight.

Green with envy over your neighbor's fall foliage? Here are HouseLogic's list of trees with the best fall colors to turn your yard into an autumnal wonderland.

  1. Japanese Maple
With its maroon-red leaves, a Japanese Maple is a beautiful tree that attracts songbirds and squirrels. Houselogic recommends planting it in the shade, so its leaves don't burn in the summer heat.
  1. Vine Maple
Houselogic cites this tree's curb appeal provided by its unique, twisting branches. The Vine Maple provides all three classic fall colors (yellow, orange, red) in its leaves, making it a perfect autumn addition.
  1. Viburnum
The Viburnum is technically a shrub, but that doesn't make its fall appearance any less stunning. Its leaves turn shades of red and purple, while its berries add lovely blue accents.
  1. Paper birch
The crisp contrast of this tree's white trunk and bright yellow leaves signal that fall has arrived! Houselogic also recommends tapping the tree for its sap to make syrup, vinegar, and beer.
  1. Sugar maple
Like the Vine Maple, this tree boasts hues of red and orange, but the Sugar Maple's leaves reach another level of fall time perfection: gold. Another fun fact: the Sugar Maple has a very long lifespan, with some living up to 500 years!
  1. Smoketree
Houselogic recommends using this shrub as an accent tree. The Smoketree is especially dynamic, with red-purple leaves in fall, and wispy, pink blossoms in spring
  1. Katsura Tree
This tree does require some extra TLC, but there's a big payoff. The Katsura tree has a spread of up to 60 feet and its fallen leaves smell like cinnamon.
  1. Sourwood
The Sourwood tree makes the list for its scarlet red leaves and silver seed capsules (sounds like Buckeye colors to us!). The capsules will stick around through the winter and bees will frequent Sourwood trees in the spring and summer to produce sourwood honey!
  1. Scarlet Oak
Like its name implies, the Scarlet Oak's leaves turn bright red in the fall. According to Houselogic, larger songbirds and wild turkeys love the Scarlet Oak!

September 30, 2015

Experience COSI without the kids this Thursday

via cosi.org

Ever wondered what COSI is like without the kids? COSI's monthly “After Dark” events let guests experience COSI in a whole new way. A 21 and over event, COSI After Dark has fun activities, a cash bar, and a new theme each month. Past themes have included a brewing and distilling night featuring local brewing favorites, as well as a night dedicated to space exploration with experts from the Columbus Astronomical Society.

COSI After Dark events are held the first Thursday of each month. October's After Dark event will be held tomorrow October 1st at 5:30 p.m. At this event, guests will be swept into the world of Sci-Fi science! Guests can learn all about hoverboard technology used in their favorite films and even build a sonic screwdriver just like Doctor Who. Tickets are on sale now at cosi.org.

September 28, 2015

2015 Parade brings changes, but doesn't disappoint

This year's Parade of Homes event may be smaller, and further from Columbus, but offers no shortage of features or fans. The Parade's 2015 location, Northstar Community, near Sunbury, is farther outside of the Columbus area than in previous years. The Parade also features only six homes, each with a price less steep than in years past. The Parade's dates are a change, as well, debuting in fall, rather than the summer.

In spite of all these changes, builders say their homes are selling well, perhaps due to this year's more
affordable prices and realistic floor plans. The homes may be less pricey than in previous years, but
Parade attendees can still expect to see the interesting and up-and-coming designs the Parade is known for.  Non-traditional wall textures, secret grocery doors, and unique furniture pieces can all be found in homes in the 2015 Parade.

Fans of the Parade's unique touches won't be disappointed. In this case, a smaller scale doesn't mean a
lapse in quality.

The Parade of Homes runs from September 19 - October 4.

Based on an article from The Columbus Dispatch.

September 25, 2015

Update your deck for fall with this new outdoor accessory

via HGTV.com

With fall almost upon us, it’s time to update your deck for the cooler weather. HGTV recommends a fire table for your newest outdoor accessory. Fire Tables are the fire pits of the future. They’re more portable, stylish, and multi-functional. With table space to set a drink, flashlight, or s’more, they’re perfect for entertaining. Check out HGTV’s top picks for fall’s hottest deck accessory here.

September 22, 2015

Insider Tips on Affordable Home Accessories

via HGTV.com

Wonder how the experts outfit their homes? HGTV magazine asked their network's design stars to share their secrets on styling a home on a budget.

From the kitchen to the hall, the designers share their favorite affordable home items. And their sources may surprise you. Target, Urban Outfitters, and IKEA, all make the list thanks to their low prices.

Click here to flip through the slideshow and find your new favorite pieces for less.

September 15, 2015

Do's & Don'ts of the Parade of Homes

With the 2015 Parade of Homes almost upon us, check out our guide to the
Do's & Don'ts of the Parade!

The 2015 Parade of Homes event will be held from September 19 through October 4 at Northstar. Click here for more information!

September 10, 2015

DIY: A backsplash in a flash!

Want a kitchen update the adds value but doesn't break the bank? Barbara Ballinger of The Chicago Tribune has a project any homeowner can do on their own: a tile backsplash.

Here are some of her tips to get you started.
  • When deciding on the colors for your backsplash, remember white is always a classic. Or if you're going for a fresh, modern feel, consider pale green glass.
  • If you're not sure how to begin, Lowe's has a video that breaks down the project step-by-step.
  • Buy more tile than you think you'll need, as some may get dropped or broken!
  • Porcelain tile is easier to work with for beginners.
  • Don't forget to buy plastic spacers and grout.
  • Tiles mounted on mesh provide an easy and quick to start to the project

Happy tiling!